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Covid19 vs. Flu vs. Cold Poster - 12"x18" - NON-Laminated

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What's the difference between a cold, the flu, and coronavirus? Learn the symptoms! This invaluable chart helps you figure out if you have a common cold, the flu, or the more serious novel coronavirus.

Cut down on the confusion and learn how you can differentiate between the three illnesses with this colorful Cold vs. Flu vs. COVID-19 poster. Listing 10 symptoms as well as the symptoms rate of onset, this colorful chart is perfect for any school nurse's office, health center, workplace, or doctor's office.

  • CUT DOWN ON CONFUSION - Educational poster teaches how to recognize whether you have a cold, the flu, or COVID-19
  • A MUST HAVE - Ideal health poster for any school nurse's office, health center, or doctor's office, or workplace
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY - Vivid colors and high quality (100#) paper
  • IDEAL SIZE - Measures 12"x18"
  • MADE in the USA