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About us

A one-stop supplier of items that promote safety, healthy lifestyles, and education, ZoCo is an American, family-run business that has made spreading knowledge and building brands its mission.

ZoCo started in 2008 as Safety Magnets, a company that sold refrigerator magnets featuring convenient safety instructions. The husband-wife duo who founded the business got the idea when their own young daughter had a choking scare. They saw the need for easily accessible safety instructions—and what better place to put them but on a refrigerator magnet? Soon they had magnets describing CPR steps, the Heimlich maneuver, and the signs of a heart attack and stroke, and from there, the product line grew. Featuring customized company logos, the magnets quickly became popular promotional products for businesses to give away to current and potential customers. It was not long before Safety Magnets was expanding its product line to include everything from posters and stickers to coloring books and window clings. The focus of the company expanded as well, to include items that are inspirational, educational, practical and entertaining—all with the idea of helping consumers live well-informed, better prepared lives. 

In 2019, the company changed its name to ZoCo Products, to more accurately encompass its growing line of products (as well as to honor Zoe, the owners’ daughter who thankfully survived the choking incident many years ago!). Whether you are a consumer or business, you will find budget-friendly products and prompt customer service when you choose ZoCo.