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Changing or Creating a Custom Product

Do you want your own custom product or want to make changes to an existing Zoco product (e.g., adding a logo)? 

The simple answer is - yes, anything can be done. Since we own all of our products, we can generally do whatever is required. Below are some general guidelines on what we are able to do. Sometimes we can do it for free and sometimes we can do it for a reasonable charge. Please contact us with any questions.

Product customization information

* Adding personalization to our products requires a minimum quantity purchased. Most of our magnets have a 100 quantity minimum while other products, such as coloring books, have a 250 minimum. If you have any questions regarding minimum quantities, contact us.

** If you want to go above and beyond adding your logo, picture, or contact information, there may be a setup fee depending on how much redesign or new design is needed. If you are ordering high quantities, we may be able to waive the fee. Please contact us so we can give you a customized quote.