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Calm Down Corner Poster - 17"x22" - Laminated

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Help kids handle their anger in healthy ways. Colorful, easy to read, and with illustrations kids can relate to, this kids behavioral poster lists the 6 cool down strategies for children when they're mad. It is never too soon to teach a child how to control his or her anger so that it doesn't control them.

  • SOCIAL EMOTIONAL REGULATION poster is a great way to teach children anger management strategies
  • A MUST HAVE for preschool and elementary classrooms and school counselors. Perfect for a calm down or time out corner!
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY - High quality (100#) paper. Manufactured with double sided 3 mil thick encapsulated lamination and sealed on all sides to protect against dirt, dust, moisture and humidity.
  • SIZE - Measures 17 x 22 inches. Vivid colors and large, crisp fonts make these handy reference charts the perfect visual aids.
  • MADE IN THE USA - All of our posters are printed in the USA and shipped in sturdy cardboard tubes